As organic waste experts, we bring together waste producers and short-circuit plants to recycle waste and benefit the country as a whole.


Our technical partners


SUMA has specialised in agitators and pumps for manufacturing, biogas and agriculture since 1957.

SYCOMORE is the sole supplier of SUMA products in France

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From knife gate valves to butterfly valves and penfolds, Sistag is renowned for its plumbing supplies. Whether working in water treatment, manufacturing, mining or biogas production, Sistag meets the most exacting criteria, drawing on many years’ experience producing its Wey valves.

SYCOMORE is the official representative of Wey valves in France.

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Supplier of equipment for biogas production. From pumps to macerators, Vogelsang offers an extensive range of biogas technologies for every step in the fermentation process.

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Founded in 1991, Baur Folien specialises in the manufacture of technical fabric products for industry and agriculture, including double membrane gas holders to store biogas produced in the biomethane plants.

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As a designer of micro-turbomachinery, ENOGIA draws on its proprietary technology to offer innovative solutions for thermionic energy conversion systems (ORC) that can be installed in biomethane cogeneration plants.

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Since 1930, PUMPE has manufactured dosing and mixing systems (hoppers) for biogas plants.

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Wangen Pumpen has been manufacturing cavity pumps for the agriculture and biogas industries since 1969.

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A family-run business based in Germany, Börger designs, manufactures and sells lobe pumps, macerating units and screw presses worldwide.

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